Introducing Global Series 2017-18

leaf-png Formica group, which is part of Fletcher Building, is world’s largest manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) and leading provider of branded, designed surfacing solution for commercial and residential customers worldwide.

leaf-png Formica in-house research and design teams worked with industry experts from across the globe to create a unique product range defined under the Global Series.

leaf-png Formica introduces Global Series 2017-18 laminate sheets, with all new feel of globally acclaimed finishes & designs for the modern spaces.

leaf-png With the launch of the Global Series in India, Formica is committed to provide premium interior solutions, leaving everlasting impressions!

leaf-png Formica exclusively offers:

      180 fx Design – Revolutionary true to scale stone design

      Reclaimed Denim Fiber Design – with real denim embedded in paper

      Honed Finish – True to be Stone

      Jeans Finish – For the Denim feel

      Natural Finishes – Number of wood finishes complementing different type of wood surfaces

     Anniversary Collection – Celebrating 100 years of Formica with launch of a special iconic range of bright colored laminate.