Careful selection of laminates can transform your room to a wonderfully crafted interior and an abode of peace indeed. Being a composite material made artificially, the best laminates in India can be used for the sake of decorating furniture, doors, cabinets, so on and so forth. Manufactured by pressing the flat paper and plastic resins together, the laminates usually come with a printed pattern or colour which make them ideal to be used for wooden furniture, wall panels, flooring as well as plywood. With the plethora of kitchen laminates design made available in the Global Series pave the path for you to bring an aesthetically pleasing appeal in your interior. There are a number of ways in which the Global Series laminates benefit the interior designers and architectures.

Types of Laminates Available:

Before you can make any decision regarding the laminates for kitchen cabinets or door laminates, you must be aware of the different types of laminates available in the market:

  • Decorative Laminates: Decorative laminates are those that are enriched with patterns and are ornamental at the same time.
  • Industrial Laminates: Made to be resistant, the industrial laminates are one of the best laminates in India. They are often made robust enough to withstand fire, chemicals as well as bacteria.
  • High Pressure Laminates: The high pressure laminates are applied with a high pressure and functions best when placed on plywood.
  • Compact Laminates: The self-supporting nature of these laminates make them unique and they don’t require to be glued as well.
  • Post Formed Laminates: Being thinner than regular laminates, these laminates are found to be used to wrap tables around etc.
 Benefits To You and Your Interiors:

As mentioned earlier, the Global Series laminates come with a wide array of benefits which will leave you astonished. These benefits are the prime reasons behind the interior designers and architects.

  • Easy Maintenance: The best laminates in India available in the Global Series are easy to maintain. Laminates can be easily cleaned with a cloth that is mildly wet accompanied by a wipe dry. It is highly recommended that you avoid steel wool scrubbers or cleaners that are known to be abrasive. Protecting the laminates from sunlight will ensure a long life of it.
  • Wide Range to Choose From: Gifting you with a wide range of colours and patterns, the Global Series laminates have been designed to carry the appearance of wooden textures, natural materials, so on and so forth. You can also choose the laminates for kitchen cabinets from a diverse range of finishes i.e. smooth, high gloss, matte finish, textured, so on and so forth. The kitchen laminates designs found in Global Series make the daunting task of decorating the kitchen hassle-free for you. The huge range of products available in the market also make sure that the least amount of product is wasted.
  • Cost: Being a magnificent substitute of solid hardwood floors, the best laminates in India are known for their economic cost. Being cheaper than veneers, the laminates are eco-friendly and can save your pocket too.
  • Durability: Manufactured to be durable and scratch resistant, the laminates for kitchen cabinets or door laminates are designed to impenetrable. They tend to function better compared to veneer as well as solid wood products that are more prone to moisture, wear and tear, and heat as well.
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