Top Trends in Laminates 2016

Top Trends in Laminates 2016

Interior Design, like all other forms of creativity takes inspiration from Nature, Culture, History or Mythology.  It may be difficult to imagine how these fit with your home building, but at a deeper level, these elements add up to way you want to experience your home. For instance, Red is a colour that is considered auspicious in the East; whereas most of the western world likes to experiment with muted colours like sky blue or buff -which is to say, you may be building a house in Punjab and Pittsburgh at the exact same time, but your choice of finishing material for both your homes will be very different.

Therefore, understanding popular trends may help you explore your options better and help you widen the horizon of your choice. You may have dreamt of a house for decades, but may suddenly feel inspired to try out something new just after looking at the marvellous work architects, designers and artists are creating. Here’s a list of some new interior design trends that are specific to laminates.


This season, you’ll witness the extreme get more polarized. The dark becomes darker and the blonde becomes lighter. There is a marked shift towards dark brown to chocolate brown laminates, just as the predominance of extremely light brown, almost beige shades for interiors. The warm-reddish tones may be somewhat outdated, or may be avoided altogether.

  • Brown is getting Browner

Dark Hardwood Floors have been in Vogue for some years now. The most popular colours are shades of ebony, brown, mocha and chocolate. With such a colour Palette, one could consider how stains may look different on different woods, so unlike most times when we stains are easily camouflaged on dark colours, one has to always take care of dust and scratches. During installation, it may be a good idea to open the pores of wood with a water pop for a super contemporary look.

  • Blonde is getting Ultra Blonde

Blonde has always been a popular shade of choice amongst fashion-oriented customers who want high end designs. The Ultra Light brown or Grey is making a definite comeback this year. If treated well with complementing wall colour and furniture, blonde can also add a casual air of coolness in your surroundings.

Trendy Ideas for the Brave

Besides brown laminates, here are some more extraordinary textures and finishes that are always browsed by high end customers of brave tastes.

  • Cement Laminates – As is clear from the name, cement laminates give the rich appeal of a fresh concrete wash. These are ideal for wall panelling, are hassle free and require little maintenance.
  • Marble Laminates – The elegance of Marble was first imitated by digitally printed tiles and now is being copied by laminates that can be purchased at a very low price and are easy to maintain. Laminates with Marble texture are ideal for Kitchen and Bathroom for wall or shelf panelling.
  • Abstract Designs – Clutter-breaking and bold, these are come in cool and crazy designs that range from retro to punk that are fresh and rejuvenating. Inexpensive and easy to clean, these youthfully rebellious designs are not for the fainthearted!

It is only after finding the right inspiration that impeccable designs are created. Laminates can also be used in a variety of combinations and textures, which makes them one of the easiest finishing materials in the world to work with.

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