100 Years of Formica®







1990s – till present

The Formica Story

For 100 years, the story of the Formica brand has been one of discovery and innovation. Formica is an iconic brand inextricably linked to the invention of the original High Pressure Laminate (HPL).

Founded by Herbert A. Faber and Daniel J. O’ Conor in the year 1913, Formica has been a forerunner laminates’ production worldwide. Before 1913, all laminates were made from the mineral mica. With roots in chemistry and engineering, Faber and Conor stumbled upon a crucial and more economical alternative and soon adopted this method of producing laminates that were strong, light, and excellent electrical insulars. As they became a very good substitute “for” the mineral “mica”, the brand was conceptually named “Formica”.

Through its influence for a century in the Western countries, Formica has become the symbol of modern lifestyle- the company strived to build a worldwide image through their innovative design, individualistic patterns and colours. Formica has extended its reach from corporate domains to the residential markets. Formica has become a global name catering to a plethora of laminate- based needs, in the design, manufacturing and distribution of surfacing materials, from high-pressure laminates, specialty laminates and solid surfacing, to sinks, commercial casework, and other related products.



Formica is a part of Fletcher Building, a publicly traded building materials and construction company with annual revenue of $8 billion. One of the largest companies in New Zealand, Fletcher Building has five operating divisions: Building Products, International Businesses, Distribution, Residential & Land Development and Construction.

World’s largest manufacturer of decorative surfaces and high pressure laminate, Fletcher Building businesses operate across several countries worldwide, from Australasia to the South Specific, Asia, North and South America, Europe and the Middle East. Fletcher Building includes more than 50 businesses include construction, cement manufacturing and steel and building products manufacturing.