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  Having developed an unrivalled expertise that ensures quality products, Formica has challenged market norms and set global benchmarks since its inception. Working relentlessly with architects, interior...

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A Heritage Brand

For 100 years, the story of the Formica brand has been one of discovery and innovation. Formica is an iconic brand inextricably linked to the invention of the original High Pressure Laminate (HPL).

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Our Philosophy

As set out in Formica Corporation’s (Formica) Code of Conduct, Formica operates with the highest ethical standards in all aspects of its business, including sourcing and supply chain practices.

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  • Formica® Global Series
  • Formica® Classic+
  • Formica® Classic Series
  • Formica® ColorCore+®
  • Formica® Slender Range
  • Formica® Post Forming Range

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How To Laminate A Kitchen Countertop?

How To Laminate A Kitchen Countertop?

How often have you come home from a long session at the supermarket with fresh juicy vegetables waiting for your attention? Now imagine you have a rag tag set of kitchen instruments and no kitchen countertop. Imagine you have a slab of wood with no sunmica or...

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Formica® Solid Surfacing

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