High Pressure Laminates For Your Workplace

High Pressure Laminates For Your Workplace

With a palpable shift in the demand of interior decoration from being “basic” and ‘functional” to artistic and designer, no one wants to settle into an office with the same old white walls and dark wood furniture. Your workplace also defines your work ethics and standards. Any interior designer you work with will swear by High Pressure Laminates to make your office not just decorative but also highly functional.

Multiple Options To Choose From

With a plethora of designs, colours and textures to choose from, High Pressure Laminates will not only give your workplace that touch of thoughtful taste but its enhanced strength, durability and stability also makes it worth every penny. Not to mention, its low maintenance costs, resistance to stains and wear and tear makes it a perfect choice for your workplace.

High Pressure Laminates are made by saturating multiple layers of Kraft paper with phenolic resin and adding a top decorative layer of Kraft paper and fused under high pressure and heat. This process makes it one of the most durable materials for flooring, desktops, countertops, etc.

Contemporary Touch

Wooden laminates as flooring as well as table tops and wall panels will give your workplace a chic and modern look while keeping intact the aesthetic feel of the setting. High Pressure Laminates are also easy to install and can be bonded to the surface with adhesives.

Another user-friendly feature about laminates is that it can be remoulded under high heat and pressure to give it any desired shape. This will give your workplace a seamless look with no sharp edges, making it safe and suave. Nothing expresses “modern and chic” like an office setting done in the right colours and texture of wooden laminates, decorated with minimal show-pieces.

Durable + Aesthetic Appeal

A generous use of wooden laminates in flooring and countertops will ensure that you do not have to splurge in decorative pieces which are costly and easily breakable. Thus, laminates are not only low maintenance but also helps in cutting costs with the entire decor.

In the global market, India occupies a major share both as laminate manufacturers and consumers. Some of the best laminates in India, with their artistic legacy are among the top laminate manufacturers in the world.

Designing an office anywhere in the country will give you a vast variety of the best laminates in India to choose from, thanks to the numerous laminate manufacturers with hundreds of stores and endless online catalogues. With the unending choice of texture, design and colours, using wooden laminates will make the choice of fabrics and patterns for your office furniture a lot easier. Matching and contrasting colours and patterns will not limit your choice and neither will you have to compromise in the quality.

The right use of laminates will help you achieve the dream workplace of yours, ranging from a light and chic monochrome conference room, to a cubicle area with vibrant colours reflecting the energy of your employees, to a very classic Victorian setting of your office which screams elegance and taste, and anything in between.

High Pressure Laminates are the modern day, one-stop-solution to all decorative and functional requirements without burning a hole in your pocket and brings with itself a whole lot of comfort, durability and style.

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