Theme it Up – Rugged & Rustic Decor (wooden, warm & complementary shades)

Theme it Up – Rugged & Rustic Decor (wooden, warm & complementary shades)

For an evergreen interior look that will look chic, elegant and tasteful for years to come, you can incorporate rustic shades and elements of wood that will add a warm aesthetic look to your home. However, for that perfect wood like finish, you no longer have to go through the hassle of installing and maintaining wooden furniture. With the invention of high pressure laminate sheets, interior decoration has gone through revolutionary changes. You can easily install and maintain wood-finish laminates without compromising on the look of the decor. In fact, with high pressure laminate sheets, you get a wider range of colour, texture, finish, patterns, etc.

All major laminate companies in India have high pressure laminate sheets that can be used for cabinets, table tops, wall-panelling, floor and as door laminates. And because of its endless array of colours and hues, you will never hit a dead end when choosing complementary shades that will add to the rugged look of the wood laminates. The best part about the warm tones, neutrals and browns is that it can be teamed up with variety of other shades to create decors that reflect your style and personality. For a rustic setting that glorifies the simplistic charm of the house, you can use browns and beiges in abundance with a splash of colours like reds and blues to keep the interior interesting and unexpected. You do not have to limit your creativity to choosing high pressure laminate sheets but you can also play around with the fabrics and decorative artworks, paintings, showpieces, etc.

By extending the theme of the decor to the door laminates, cabinets, table tops, shelves, etc., you extract multiple uses from the functional pieces of furniture. They will not only last long and prove to be durable against wear and tear, but also add to the overall essence of the decor. High pressure laminate sheets are easy to install and maintain and extremely long lasting. There is no risk of it being prone to the likes of termites, thereby ensuring that you do not have to constantly worry about its maintenance. Once installed, you can rest assured that it won’t trouble you for years to come. You can about the satisfactory reviews from people who have chosen products by the laminate companies in India and found that they made a smart and intelligent gent choice.

The other major benefit of including warm, rustic tones to your decor is that it is a timeless look that look homely and tasteful. The warmth of the contrast between the laugher and darker tones of the laminates add an inviting, not-over-the-top spirit to your house which will make your and your guests inherently comfortable from the moment you step in. It will be the usualness of your rugged decor that will make your home a haven for you. For a stylish interior, you do not need to use bright neon colours that hurt your eyes. When done tastefully, the warm hues of creams, whites, browns and tan colours of the high pressure laminate sheets used for door laminates and furniture, will give your house the feel of a home that accommodates everyone. Interior decoration is ultimately about creating a space that speaks to you and reflects your heart and a rugged, rustic set-up will do exactly that.

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