Color Splash with Laminates

Color Splash with Laminates

Colors play an important role in our lives, the researchers have found a vital link between how they can potentially affect our mood and behavior. Each home has a distinct personality and each color speaks a different story. Colors play a very important role in interior design, which is why it’s important to have comprehensive knowledge about color psychology while planning the interiors of your home. There are diverse options available to choose from about how to incorporate color scheme for your home. Right from selecting the furniture, upholstery, wall or ceiling colors, opting for the right kind of laminates or choosing the right accessories for your home, colors play a holistic role.

We bring you a short list of few basic colors from the color spectrum to explain what they represent.

Resurface for Serenity of Green

The color of Mother Nature, green represents growth and renewal, fertility. It promotes healing and harmony, it is also associated with finances and money.


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Add a dash of green in your bedroom or your living room for that serene look. Play around with shades of green while accessorizing the room, accommodate expansive space for natural lighting or use yellow lights for the added warmth. A smart and budget friendly way for getting this look is by resurfacing your current furniture and walls. You could bring in more of the natural touch by keeping indoor plants.

Warmth of Earthy Browns with Laminates

Brown is an earthy-neutral color which represents elegance, security, grounding. It reflects the stability and gives a warm- homely touch.

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Keep it minimal for that added elegance while keeping ample of room for natural light. To revamp your room for this organically neat and polished look, you may want try various options available in laminates. You could also try door laminates and cleverly disguise your existing bed with resurfacing to get that perfect natural wood finish.

Vibrant Orange

It’s a fiery color which brings out a cozy yet charismatic feel to any décor. Orange color is visually very attractive and represents flamboyance, determination, cheerfulness and creativity. Throw in complimenting pink and yellow for a sunnier look.

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The vibrant orange adds a playful character to this room. The simple and neat-finished laminated bed and study table provide the balanced and grounded look to the exuberance of orange.

Passionate Red

Red is a very intense color which represents warmth, passion, desire, love. The color of blood, it also represents increased metabolism, anger, extreme emotions, strength and power.


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As a symbol of increased vigour and vitality, this color is a popular choice in kitchen and bedrooms. You may want to give a twist to your kitchen space by making it look visually appealing and vibrant. Or you could give your bedroom a remarkably warm and passionate look by bringing in elements of color red. A simple trick of laminated kitchen cabinets and wall paneling works wonders to attain this look.

 Wonders of White and Black

These are two varied ends of the color spectrum which contain the sum of all other colors. The color white denotes stability, peace, serenity, light, harmony, purity and innocence. It symbolizes the Yang energies or active energies.

Black represents power, authority, elegance, mystery, sophistication. It symbolizes the Yin energies of passivity of silence. Together, the colors black and white synchronize to create a perfect balance of Yin and Yang.


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You may choose to incorporate these colors separately in your home interiors or like the perfect blend of Yin and Yang energies you may choose to have a balance of both, black and white in your living space too.

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 Work with various combinations of colors to get that perfect vibe for your home. Minor changes made to the interiors can make bold statements, your living space can have its own story to narrate. By understanding the meaning that each color represents, you can make the necessary changes to the interiors of your home to bring out different character to each room.

Watch out for this space as we share more information about color stories.

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